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Suspension of Colleagues at Middlesex University

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you have heard of the abrupt and unwarranted closure of the highly-ranked program in philosophy at Middlesex University in London.

I’m writing today because the administration’s latest action in this case, the suspension of Professor Peter Osborne and Professor Peter Hallward, along with a number of Middlesex philosophy students, is a grave threat to academic freedom.

Administrators at other universities are carefully monitoring this situation and due to a ratcheting effect, if these suspensions are not overturned by international protest, they will become common practice. We must prevent this administrative bullying of our colleagues, who were doing nothing but attempting to present their side of the case to public opinion.

You can read about the suspensions here:

You can find details on why the original decision has already provoked an international outcry here:

Today I’m asking you to protect academic freedom and the integrity of the modern university by taking as many of the following steps as you can.

Please forward this email to colleagues and to any listservs you may belong to.

Please sign the online petition at: Please include your institutional affiliation and location.

Please write a letter of protest by email, and in hard copy, concerning the original decision, the suspensions, or both. If you have already written in protest of the original decision, please consider writing again to protest the suspensions, which are in some sense an even more serious matter, as they strike at the very heart of academic freedom itself. 

a.       Examples of previous letters are here:

b.      Email addresses of the Board of Governors of Middlesex University are;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

c.       Please follow your email with a hard copy letter on departmental letterhead. The postal address is:

Board of Governors
Middlesex University in London
The Burroughs
London NW4 4BT England

d.      Personal letters are great; departmental letters are even better.

e.      If you agree to have your letter published on the Save Middlesex Philosophy website, you should BCC

4.       If you have a blog, please make a post on the situation and link to

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